Messsage from our candidates

Case for working mother willing to work worldwide using her English skill (35yrs old ; Female)

I got a job offer for category manager for a new project at foreign retail company.
I had been very busy working at Japanese retail company as a buyer, and was pretty tough for me as I have little kids to take care of. But now, I can manage both work and childcare owing to the good working environment, and be able to go to a business trip.

Starting new career at Company M which is known as one of the supportive firm for women(35 yrs old ; Female)

I had been working at foreign IT vendor as an engineer but WLB was always the issue since I have a little kid to take care of. I already had interest in working at company A from long ago, so I chose to take the job interview.
ARK's preps were so useful, and Araki-san was such a negotiable man that I could get my salary raised for 30%. Now I'm very happy working here and really appreciate the opportunity ARK gave me.

My annual income got raised! (36yrd old ; Male)

I was looking for some job where I can use my consulting skill as an engineer at manufacturing company.
Luckily, there was a role for business development at company A which I had interest from before, and felt I want to give a try.

My first challenge at foreign Company (48yrs old ; Male)

I was pretty anxious about my job change but when I got an offer from the biggest ERP company, I got to manage from SMB to enterprise which enabled me to build a relationship with my clients and my responsibility also has changed significantly. Now I’m very satisfied and enjoying my new working style thanks to ARK!

Sales at Global CRM Leading Company(Male ; 36yrs old)

I’ve been working at trading company as a salesman dealing vendor products, and have pursued the best solution to each clients. However, I started to doubt that what I’d been doing might not be the best solution for my client when I thought of sustainable management. My consultant told me it was a good opportunity to challenge my new career at global company so that I can face and experience the latest IT trends and see the different point of view. Thank you so much for everything!