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About Agents

A.There are 2 types. Registering and Searching
Many recruiting agencies let the job seekers register their information and reach out when there’s a suitable position for them
Searching type is what you call ‘headhunting’, also known as executive search Basically, job seekers will be waiting until we get in touch and give an offer. ARK belongs to this type

The reason why we deal with a lot of IT foreign companies is because they tend to want people in specific, and headhunting is best for searching.
A.When you try to apply directly to company, there are so many steps you have to do and prepare for, which will take your time and effort. Considering your current job, it will be much more tough to do both at the same time.
However, recruiting agencies will collect all the information you need to apply for a job, and arrange the schedule for you. You can also see various companies so you will be able to think what kind of position you really are seeking for.
A.No. You can only apply to contracted companies.
ARK has more than one hundred contracted companies, mainly in IT and consulting industries. There are some positions we only have, so we are capable of offering the job that fits your interest
A.There’s no charge for entire steps. Recruiting agencies make money from the client when they make a placement as placement fee.
A.Candidate’s interview passing rate is our strength.
Our candidate passes the interview in very high rate at one of the popular companies.
A.Generally, recruiting agencies tend to focus on introducing jobs to job seekers, but ARK think highly of the preparation for interviews after passing screening process.
Our preps thoroughly made of past candidate’s interviews will lead you to pass the job interview.
This is ARK’s strength, and is proved from the high rate of candidates getting a job offer.

About Career Change

A.We are open to share information we have of the recruiting industry, so it is OK just to give you some advice if you’re not ready to change job yet.
A.No Problem at all. Especially for foreign company, there are a lot of cases to hire people who have been working at many different companies. It sometimes will be an advantage because you have experience at various fields.
A.Of course yes. There are many positions foreigner can apply especially like engineers. However, there are some jobs that requires at least business level Japanese.
A.Of course, yes.
A.We think it is a good opportunity for candidates who are doing great at their own company to know their market value, so feel free to contact us to get a consult!
A.It really depends on the company and position, but as for the clients seeking for younger generation may prefer from 20-40’s, and for seniors may be 30-40’s
A.Due to Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, many clients started to hire women proactively. We think it’s a great chance for women to step up as the number of offers for women is increasing recently.
A.Experience in consulting firm will definitely be an advantage when you change job, so your age won’t be an issue.
A.Basically, preferable generation is said to be up to about 35 yrs old, but for digital and AI related positions, let’s say up to around 40.
A.It depends, but about 35 yrs old. As for PM and IT related positions, there’s a chance for over 40s.
A.There will always be the possibility of M&As especially at foreign vendor companies, so it may be difficult but there’s a chance if you made partner at consulting firm., Therefore, business firm will be the most likely to work until retirement.
Your annual income will rather be set from the position and your achievement.
A.We mainly offer the position with higher annual income at ARK, and more than 90% of our candidates moved
A.It depends on each company, but most of our clients have been emphasizing work-life balance and diversity from long ago, so we think there’s no need to worry about this point.
A.It’s not impossible, but particularly clients are looking for people who can hit the ground running, so there might be some conditions like age limit and annual income.

About Job Change Process

A.Generally, you get an offer in about 2 months, and then start working 1 or 2 months later.
Consulting firms are said to be very flexible about the timing so there’s a case that you can join the firm a few months later.
A.Foreign companies tend to check your job performance and personality described in the documents matches the facts. For example, they ask your colleagues and bosses about your character and achievements. By knowing more about the candidate before will also help interviewers decrease hiring risks.
A.As the first step, our consultant will reach out to you and have a meeting over phone or F2F, and then will refer some roles that might suit you. If you had interest, we will apply to each company with your resume. Interviewing process will be about 2-5 times including aptitude test, technological test and English tests.
When you finally get an offer, we will negotiate your annual income and the date to start working. If you were satisfied with all the conditions and decided to move, then you submit resignation at your former company and enjoy the rest of your paid holidays!
A.We have the format of resumes and other documents so there’s nothing to worry about. Our consultant will go through your CV and make sure everything is perfect.
A.Sometimes you have to submit your resume in English especially at foreign companies.
A.Most resumes are preferred to be made by PC.
A.It depends, but most consulting firms go through those kind of tests.
A.About 2 or 3 times may be the average, but some company has 6 times.
A.It depends on the company and positions, but it isn’t rare especially at foreign companies.
A.Mainly it is, but sometimes it will be held on weekends too.
A.There’s still a screening test, but many of our clients are very flexible.
A.First impression is very important when you take an interview. Cleanliness may come first, but try to be yourself in the business style.
A.Of course we do. We have our own original prep made by the past interviews and this is ARK’s strength.
A.Generally they will wait for about 2 months at most, but consulting firms may be a bit more flexible.
A.Please tell your boss as soon as you sign the offer letter.
A.In Japan, there is a law that your resignation will be accepted in 2 weeks, but please submit your resignation 1-1.5 months beforehand you leave.

Aboout foreign company

A.Generally, you get basic salary plus incentive.
A.Foreign company tend to take annual-based salary system, so those are all included.
A.Most of the foreign company’s clients are domestic firms, so English is not always required, but at some positions, you might have to attend telephone conference in English so it’s better if you had at least business English level.
A.Foreign companies have to follow Japanese law, so there’s no case you get fired illegally.
A.There are few cases you will be transferred overseas right after you joined a new company, but there may be a chance after working for a while.
A.At foreign company, there’s no seniority nor difference no matter what age and sex you are.
Compared to domestic companies, foreign company takes flex-time and remote, so working moms and dads are able to balance both work and childcare.
A.You will be evaluated of your work no matter what your age and sex is at foreign company.
Domestic companies are said to b a little hard to take maternity/ childcare leave so many women are forced to quit their job when they get married.
There are also the cases that full-time working may not always be easy for mothers so that they lose the chance of promotion.
At foreign company, there are so many women managers working so the employees who work with them quite understand their situation and this makes the working environment better for women.
We can negotiate the working style and annual income when you get an offer, so please let us take care of that.
A.Many engineers moved to foreign IT companies and worked as marketer and consultant so there is a chance you make project leader or partner.
A.At foreign IT company, there are a lot of chances you can be involved with the latest IT technology through your work at global scale. Not only you won’t be limited to specific field, you get to do your job in wide range, and your clients will also be in a various field. It is very attractive that you can be in a huge project for the latest information technology and for system engineers, it’s a great opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills which are totally different.

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