Why ARK??

ARK‘s original interview preparation leads to high offer rate

Share our own Selection point

We analyze every single interview our candidates had and update the latest preparation so most of our candidates are able to understand the needs and selection criteria so they’re said to be the perfect match from the client company.
ARK achieved the No.1 selection pass rate for some IT vendors.

Special referral route

We offer special limited positions aggressively

ARK has direct contract with the most popular IT company which is extremely rare.
We search for candidates by using our own resource instead of using general database, so most of the candidates from ARK are said to be talented with high skills. We have built trustworthy relationship with our clients.

Many referrals that suit your career

Most of our clients are major IT companies, and they are always looking for talented people. It is also possible to offer a position with a wide range of companies in cooperation with partner companies that have direct contracts. ARK has a huge connection with these clients, and this is why we can offer you the perfect matching position.

Salary after job change

Various talented consultants

Experienced consultant provides you a high quality service made up from their success.

Ark is a headhunting firm which was founded with people from IT and Financial industries.
There are many consultants with various backgrounds like IT hardware/software, Websites, Apps development, so they have the knowledge of corporate value and can judge which position would be suitable for you. There are Japanese and English staff working at ARK, and introduce high skilled candidates selected from a huge amount of data source ARK originally made to various client companies.