CEO Interview

Since 2007, ARK Co., Ltd has been working mainly on foreign IT and consulting industries as a recruiting agency.
We have had supported thousands of candidates and introduced to companies which are popular among job seekers.
They used to say that it’s not a good motion to change job or leave one company in Japan, but these days, this culture has changed in a big way.
At the point of career change, it sometimes may be difficult to look for a job after you quit your job, and this means that it will be a good opportunity to know the trends and your market value while you work at one place.

Are you satisfied with your annual income, work-life balance or your company’s working style?
We will definitely become one of your great partners to support your career change if you decided to move from your former company. There are talented, high skilled consultants working together here at ARK, and assure you to provide the best consulting ever, so please let us know if you have any interest!

ARK CEO Araki Dasiuke

  • 学歴
    Kwansei Gakuin Junior High schoolin Kobe, Japan
    Kwansei Gakuin High school in Kobe, Japan
    Saint John’s prep school in MN, USA
  • 1993~
    University of Massachusetts in MA, USA
    – Business Management, BA
    – Management Information System, BA
  • 職務経歴
    McAfee Co ltd, : Sales representative
  • 2002~
    Veritas Software (Symantec) : Account Manager
  • 2004~
    Intel Japan : Sales Manager
  • 2013~
    Ark Co ltd, : Representative director