My first challenge at foreign Company (48yrs old ; Male)

> Company S / European Software Firm which has developed business software

Business Type:Accounting business package software developing company.
Position:Partner Sales

Business Type:ERP vendor
Position:Partner alliance

Kiyoshi Yokoyama Kiyoshi  Yokoyama

He had been working as a salesman for more than 25 years after graduation, and had worked on partner alliance and managed sales team and was very satisfied with his career. He decided to move to an ERP vendor where he was highly evaluated for his experience of partner sales and his wide knowledge of core system. I have explained not only the style of the job or how to make the most of his ability, but the cultural difference between Japanese and foreign company. He is now working on alliance and business developing in the front line.


I was pretty anxious about my job change but when I got an offer from the biggest ERP company, I got to manage from SMB to enterprise which enabled me to build a relationship with my clients and my responsibility also has changed significantly. Now I’m very satisfied and enjoying my new working style thanks to ARK!