Sales at Global CRM Leading Company( 36yrs old; Male)

> Company S / the biggest CRM global company

Business Type:Mid-level SIer
Position:Sales for Manufacturing industry

Business Type:Foreign IT company
Position:Sales for Manufacturing industry

Toshio Yajima Toshio Yajima

He already had the experience of using CRM and had knowledge from his former job. It was ideal to sell product of what you really think is good, and he was also excited to start his new career at foreign company.


I’ve been working at trading company as a salesman dealing vendor products, and have pursued the best solution to each clients. However, I started to doubt that what I’d been doing might not be the best solution for my client when I thought of sustainable management. My consultant told me it was a good opportunity to challenge my new career at global company so that I can face and experience the latest IT trends and see the different point of view. Thank you so much for everything!