Stepping up at consulting firm(35 yrs old ; Male)

> Company B / World‘s biggest strategy consulting firm

Business Type:ITS Vendor
Position:delivery engineer

Business Type:Strategy consulting firm

Daisuke Araki Daisuke Araki

This candidate had worked for delivery at foreign IT vendor, and decided to move to the biggest strategy consulting firm. He had two other offers from other companies however he chose this company for the salary and the strong bonding after retirement. He's been busy after joining the firm, although he said he is fulfilled everyday.


I had been working as an architect at foreign IT vendor, but I started to think about my career as I got a consult at ARK.
I chose this company considering my career value and now am working hard everyday, but luckily my salary increased about 20% and happy working with talented coworkers.
I might want to work for at least 3 years here, and then think about the next step.