Moved from foreign IT vendor to a consulting firm(40 yrs old ; Male)

> Company N / Japanese biggest thin tank consulting firm/ system integrator

Business Type:Foreign IT vendor

Business Type:Japanese consulting firm

Daisuke Araki Daisuke Araki

Majority of the job seekers tend to prefer foreign IT vendors thesedays, however he had been thinking WLB as his first priority and had desire to challenge at consulting firm, so I'm also happy that I could support his career change.


I was a presales consultant at company O, but wanted to try my new career at foreign consulting firm. However it was pretty difficult for field engineers to get an offer from foreign consulting firm, but my consultant introduced me company N.
My work style has been changed a lot and now I'm able to spend time with my family.
If I thought I want to challenge for foreign consulting firm once again in the future, I definitely will choose ARK as my recruiting agent.