Got an offer from Foreign Consulting Company (28yrs old ; Male )

> Company A / Management Consulting, Technology service, Outsourcing

Business Type:SIer
Position:Manufacturing Sales

Business Type:Consulting firm

Tsunenori Ogata Tsunenori Ogata

He had been working at Japanese SIer company as SE after he graduated from college, but had thought of stepping up to next career where he can challenge as a consultant. We thoroughly supported him with our interview preps so he was able to take the job interview with confidence. It is 6 months since he joined the company, but is now managing a huge project with a lot of team members.


Compared to where I used to work, I have so many things and opportunity to challenge new tasks here, and also can learn new technologies as well.
I want to brush up my skills by going through various kind of projects and become a successful businessman.