Challenging at the new field(43 yrs old ; Male)

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Business Type:Consulting firm

Business Type:Consulting firm

Junya Kishino Junya Kishino

My candidate had been working as a consultant at government office for a long term but had desire to challenge for the PJ of business development at the same field. I have strongly told his preferance to the client since he was very talented and widely experienced. My client promised him to give an offer of the role which he can try for PJ at public offices and a chance to work on business development and strategy. He finally made a choice seeing the aspect of the possibility to challenge what he really wanted to, comparing with another consulting firm that was a total new field for him and was not likely to use his knowledge and skill.


I couldn't decide whether I should go for a completely new environment or stay at the same field I had been in for a long time, but my consultant gave me the advice that I should take my age and the risk into concern and finally made a decision to go steady.
However I got my salary raised which I’m really satisfied about and seems like I got off on my right foot so far!